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Studio #218


Antoinette Zwirchmayr

Antoinette Zwirchmayr’s work consists of concise juxtapositions that reveal sensitive relationships between human beings, objects and nature. The artist investigates stereotypical ideas of physique and identity through abstract fiction films, autobiographical memory tales, film adaptations of theoretical books, and fragmented picture compositions. Through the fusion of materials, colors, surfaces, and textures, Zwirchmayr attempts to evoke a sensory experiencing realm. 

Antoinette Zwirchmayr has exhibited work at McEvoy Foundation for the Arts, San Francisco; Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume, Paris; MUMOK, Viena; BerlinaleToronto International Film Festival; and Austrian Film Museum, among others.

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Current Resident: Sep 1, 2022–Feb 28, 2023


Studio #219


Noa Yekutieli

Noa Yekutieli’s work explores tensions between shared human experiences complicated by cross-cultural perspectives through a variety of craft mediums such as paper-cutting, hand-woven textile, and site-specific installation. Through images of landscapes and disasters, the artist examines universal patterns of destruction, loss, trauma, and memory, drawing on personal experiences as an Israeli-Japanese-American and considering conflicts related to assimilation and immigration. By incorporating patterns from various cultural contexts, Yekutieli attempts to investigate human systems in the emotional and political realms.

Noa Yekutieli has exhibited work at Contemporary Art Museum of Rosario, Argentina; Kunstmuseum Ahlen, Germany; and Nakanojo Biennale, Japan, among others.

Current Resident: Sep 1, 2022–Aug 31, 2023

OCA - Office for Contemporary Art Norway

Studio #220


Anawana Haloba

Anawana Haloba’s artistic practice is an ongoing investigation of different societies’ positions within various political, social, economic, ideological, cultural, and post-independence frameworks. Haloba drafts poetry in the form of sketches for her work, from which she abstracts to performative-based artworks in moving image, installation, and sound. She constructs scenarios in which the material culture of any given location can be probed and reconsidered within the context of rapidly shifting contemporary subjectivities.

Anawana Haloba has exhibited work at Center Georges Pompidou, France; Biennale di Venezia, Italy; and Sao Paulo Biennial, Brazil, among others.

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