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Ruzica Zajec

Ruzica Zajec’s work often poses sensitive questions related to the idea of perception. She is committed to painting and drawing about the awareness of human presence in space, as humans and objects become spatially inseparable in her work. Zajec reflects upon the essence of our being, ideas of tangibility, visibility, and self-awareness. She is particularly interested in working with transparent and multi-layers materials as she experiments with light.

Ruzica Zajec (born 1959, Croatia) moved to Hannover, Germany to study visual art. She has had several solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Sweden, Japan, Croatia, and the UK. In 2014, she was the recipient of ArtPrize from the Mecklenburg Insurance Services Inc in Neubrandenburg, and in 2013, won the Rostock Art Prize.

Past Resident
2016: Australia Council for the Arts

Pat Foster & Jen Berean

Pat Foster & Jen Berean have been working collaboratively since 2001. Employing a diverse and lateral array of media and processes, their work unpacks the hidden systems that make up the sites and infrastructure that surrounds us. Within such thinking, contemporary architecture is deconstructed to such a degree that it is not solely concerned with the making of functional and utilizable space, but crucially, the determination of how, and by whom such space is used by, and for what purpose. It is within the juncture of physical environment and psychological effect that their practice is primarily concerned and manifests within an art context.

Pat Foster (born 1981, Launceston, Australia) and Jen Berean (born 1981, Calgary, Canada) predominantly work in sculpture and installation. Foster received a BFA from the Victorian College of the Arts at The University of Melbourne in 2005 and Berean received a BFA and an MA in Architecture from The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. Recent solo exhibitions of their work have been held at The Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne; Murray White Room, Melbourne; and Pallas Projects, Dublin. They have been exhibited their work in the following exhibitions The Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art; The Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide; Sequester, Embassy of Australia, Washington DC; and NEW 09, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne.

Past Resident
2016: SAHA Association

belit sağ

The overarching themes in belit sağ’s recent work are the ‘violence of images’ and ‘images of violence’. Most of her works revolve around the role of images in the media and issues of representation and visibility. sağ tries to address larger political issues in a personal way, making them accessible to a broad public and playing with their proximity to daily life.

belit sağ is a videomaker based in Amsterdam. She studied mathematics in Turkey, art in the Netherlands, and recently completed a residency at Rijksakademie. Her video background is rooted in alternative video-activist and artist groups in Ankara and Istanbul, where she co-initiated projects such as VideA, Karahaber and sağ’s work has been exhibited in international art spaces and festivals including EYE Film Institute and the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Netherlands; Salt, DEPO and the Visual Arts Festival Damascus, Turkey; DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, South Korea; Chinese European Art Center, China and Art Lacuna Film Festival, United Kingdom.