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Past Resident
2011: Arts Council Korea

Weontae An

Weontae An’s work is steeped in traditional Korean ink painting and calligraphic technique. An takes natural landscape as his subject matter, transforming the actual landscape into abstraction. Through his work, An explores the connections between humans and their surroundings, cognizant of the fact that all constructs—man, tree, grass, concrete, water—are organically connected with one another.

Weontae An (born 1971, Jin-hae, South Korea) moved to Seoul in 1998 where he graduated from Hong-ik University. An participated in the Civitella Ranieri Foundation Fellowship program in Umbertide, Italy, in 2008, and the National Art Studio (Changdong Art studio) program in South Korea from 2005-2006. Recent solo shows include Negative landscape 2 at the Nowon Art Center, Seoul, 2009; Coesistenza at Sala Di Sogni Gallery, Rome, 2008; Negative 山水 at La-merGallery, Seoul, 2007; Negative San-su at Changdong Art Studio, Seoul, 2006; and Tree in the Water at Doll Gallery, Seoul, 2005. Group exhibitions include ROC & Korean Ink Paintings at the Arts Center Kyeonggi, Suwon, South Korea, 2008; National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, 2007; and Oriental New Image, Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Beijing, 2007.

Patricia Dauder

The will to see and to represent beyond the immediate surrounding visible and object world is the urge that conducts Patricia Dauder’s work. She captures and visualizes what is extremely difficult to retain: time, a fleeting moment, an ephemeral trajectory, an idea, something with no form, a remote place. Her work is essentially visual, a common feature to all the media she uses, whether they are three-dimensional objects, drawings, photos, films, or collected images. Their interpretation does not come through a narrative or textual source but solely through observation, which gives way to multiple associations and subtle meanings. Biomorphic traces, elliptically shaped images, gridded linear constructions, references to natural elements mix with allusions to cinematography, experienced as a tool for the observation and for the sequencing of space and time.

Patricia Dauder (born 1973, Barcelona, Spain) studied at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona, Spain. Recent exhibitions include Lugares Comprometidos: Topografía y Actualidad, Fundación ICO, Madrid, Spain; Los Tiempos de un Lugar, CDAN, Centro de Arte y Naturaleza, Huesca, Spain; Horitzontal/Orbital, Fundació Suñol, Barcelona; Teahupoo, ProjecteSD Gallery, Barcelona; There is No(w) Romanticism, Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire, Brussels, Belgium; Eté 2009, Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris, France; Patricia Dauder and Dani Gal, Galerie Kadel Willborn, Kalsruhe, Germany and 1979: a monument to radical moments; La Virreina, Centre de la Imatge, Barcelona.

Past Resident
2011: Arsprima, Arci Associazione

Arianna Carossa

Arianna Carossa’s art practice centers around the material object as an expression of linearity and consistency in humanity. She produces an aesthetics (harmony) of unexpected events, where the object as a symbol of the linearity of time and facts is broken and reassembled in an apparently linear way. She is interested in the interruption of regularity coming from an unexpected event, like death. Her intervention in art develops from the object as created by man, to the object, as Hegel says, as
pure description of perfection, spirit and nature.

Arianna Carossa lives between Genova, Milan and Rome, Italy. Carossa graduated from Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti in Genova, where she received a BFA in painting. Her work has been exhibited in Mi sei mancata fino a ieri Changing Role Move Art Gallery, Naples, Italy; Sound of my soul, Fondazione per l’Arte Contemporanea Castello di Rivara, Torino, Italy; Ente comunale di consumo, Ciac Centro Internazionale per le Arti Contemporanee Genazzano, Rome; L’Oggetto Ritrovato, ex Arsenale Ansaldo, Milan; Whales, Strychnin Gallery, London, UK; Ketos 2.0, Spallanzani Museum, Reggio Emilia, Italy; Ketos 2.0, Aquarium of Milan, Milan; Dialogues, Menage Ermitage, St. Petersbourg, Russia (Dostoyevsky Foundation); Festival della creatività, Spazio ex Murate, Florence, Italy; Slaves, Palladium Theatre, Rome; and Violazione di domicilio, Centro Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea, Rome.