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Past Resident
2014: Anonymous

Anne Wodtcke

Through her experimental arrangements of sculpture, Anne Wodtcke creates “active” forms of sculpture – documented by photos or videos. During her residency in New York City, sound became more and more a sculptural element in her practice, so the acoustic level became increasingly important for the composition of her narrative video sculptures and video installations. Apart from field-recordings and atmospheres, she uses sounds, tones and song-lines produced by analog synthesizer modules or with her own voice. She is currently working with the mediums sound and video in the form of sculptural compositions.

Anne Wodtcke (born 1954) lives and works in Munich and Berlin. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich and Ludwig-Maximilian-University, Munich. She has travelled extensively to Asia, Central America and Africa, and worked for one year in West Africa as a journalist before dedicating herself fully to her art practice in 2000. Her work has been exhibited internationally in in Vienna, Tokyo, New York, Pittsburgh, Athens, Istanbul, Munich and Berlin.

Past Resident
2014: Foundation for a Civil Society

Richard Loskot

Richard Loskot’s work reveals various physical, mental and symbolic attributes of the time-space reality. Loskot’s production includes sound installations, different simulations of natural phenomena – whether biological growth or sound and light conditions – and the reflection of the achievements of civilization. In spite of this technological orientation, Loskot’s installations may surprise the viewer with their aesthetic intuition. The impact on the senses is somewhere between science fiction and thoughtful metaphysics

Richard Loskot (born 1984 in Most), graduated in 2011 with a degree in Visual Communication from the Faculty of Art and Architecture, Liberec. He took an internship in Atelier of Magdaléna Jetelová at The Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. Loskot won the Exit 2007 Prize for his work System. He has exhibited in Germany, the UK, Romania, Italy, Czech Republic and Slovakia. His exhibitions include Asynchronisation, Jelení Gallery, Prague; The Point of Things, 4AM, Brno; Simple Thing, Galerie hlavního města Prahy, Prague and Logging the Present, G99, The Brno House of Art. He was a finalist for the 2012 Jindřich Chalupecký Award, where he presented the installation Another Place. Loskot lives and works in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic.

Andrea Pichl

Andrea Pichl focuses on isolated details of architectural peculiarities and turns them into sculpture. She is inspired by the inconsistencies, contradictions and the way in which interstices are bridged. The inherent paradoxes with this methodology, which reduce the standardized and repetitive architectural components to absurdity, are often present in the titles of her work.

Andrea Pichl (born 1964, Berlin) was educated at Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin and Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. She has exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions including Museum Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin; Espace Beaumont, Luxembourg; Krome Gallery, Berlin; the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin; Mies van der Rohe Haus, Berlin;  National Gallery, Tashkent; Volksbühne, Berlin; the Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius; Kunstverein Wolfsburg and the Kumu Kunstimuuseum, Tallinn.