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Past Resident
2022: Fire Station - Qatar Museums

Saida Alkhulaifi

Saida Alkhulaifi’s work explores the theme of time within the context of recent memory, emotions and objects’ connection to human behavior. She examines the notion of time through layering and added text, investigating different surfaces and mediums, experimental photography, and where all of these exist in time and space.

Saida Alkhulaifi has exhibited work at GlogauAIR, Berlin; Fire Station – Qatar Museums; and at Qatar-USA 2021 Year of Culture, among others.

Past Resident

Dimitra Kondylatou

Dimitra Kondylatou is a video producer, editor, writer, and host interested by the boundaries of art and how it interacts with tourism and daily life. Kondylatou explores gestures, practices, and correspondences through the lens of hospitality and exchange contexts and spaces. Her work merges ideas and crosses boundaries with other disciplines such as anthropology.

Dimitra Kondylatou has exhibited work at the 27th Athens International Film Festival; State of Concept, Athens; and W139, Amsterdam, among others.