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Current Resident: Jul 1, 2018–Dec 31, 2018

Danish Arts Foundation

Studio #207


Stine Marie Jacobsen

Stine Marie Jacobsen is a conceptual artist working to decode violence and law through participatory means. To give participants a collaborative and dialogical space, Jacobsen creates open structured sociocultural and participatory projects with clearly defined themes, with a focus on film, language, gender, violence, death, taboos, anonymity, and psychology. The artist conducts performative experiments, and creates platforms for critical thinking and new ways of looking at ethics, identity, control, fear and trust.

Stine Marie Jacobsen has exhibited work at Riga Biennial, Latvia; Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen, Denmark; and Momentum Biennial, Moss, Norway, among others. She is the recipient of Node Center for Curatorial Studies Innovators Grant and the Berlin Art Prize 2016.

Studio #208


Samuel Henne

Samuel Henne’s work is concerned with the complex interrelationships between sculpture and photography, particularly how sculptural objects are represented, displayed and transformed. Recently, Henne has been exploring museum displays and cabinets, as well as the underlying strategies of archiving sculptures in historical and archaeological contexts. In his practice, Henne intertwines formal, art historical and contemporary aspects to create images.

Samuel Henne has exhibited his work at Deichtorhallen HamburgKunstverein Hannover; and Goethe-Institut Washington, among others.

Current Resident: Sep 1, 2018–Oct 31, 2018

Mifal Hapais

Studio #209


Lihi Turjeman

Lihi Turjeman creates large-scale monochromatic painting installations that explore the multiple meanings of space. Her works emphasize the duality of a wholistic approach and attention to details, achieved by ‘mapping’ and scratching surfaces. Turjeman’s practice lies between figuration, abstraction, and action painting.

Lihi Turjeman has exhibited work at Tel Aviv Museum of Art; CCA Tel Aviv; and Petach Tikva Museum of Art, among others.

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