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Current Resident: May 1, 2021–Jun 30, 2021

Saastamoinen Foundation

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Shoji Kato

Shoji Kato works with diverse mediums including paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations, and situations; at times, he employs sound, music, and moving images as well. This range reflects Kato’s multiscalar and multi-faceted approaches to the theme that he calls the ‘location of subjectivity.’ The artist explores ideas that are neither bounded to physical bodies and places. Moving between abstract and figurative thinking, Kato works with both solid and elusive materials to invite imagination and meditation about the interplay of collective movements and individual moments.

Shoji Kato has exhibited work at Kunsthalle Helsinki, Finland; Kanazu Forest of Creation Museum, Japan; and Beijing International Art Biennale, China, among others.

Current Resident: Jan 1, 2021–Jun 30, 2021

Italian Cultural Institute of New York

Studio #201


Francesco Simeti

Francesco Simeti creates site-specific installations, which the artist describes as “aesthetically enchanting scenes” that reveal a complex subtext upon closer inspection. Since the late nineties, he has explored the environmental crisis, the numerous conflicts and consequent displacements of people, through sculptures and video animations. The artist conceive of these as a form of collage.

Francesco Simeti has exhibited work at Castello di Rivoli, Torino, Italy; Mass Moca, North Adams; and Rhode Island School of Design among others.

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