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Zara Pfeifer

Zara Pfeifer shows interest in social and spatial phenomena by blending into the world she is documenting, both as an observer and as an active part of her surroundings–as a co-driver in a truck on a route through Europe(Good Street!) or joining the social life in the housing project Alterlaa(Du, meine konkrete Utopie). Besides photography, she reveals her findings in lectures, audio, and video recordings.

Zara Pfeifer has exhibited work at Austrian Cultural Forum, Berlin; Galerie Kernweine Foto und Raum, Stuttgart, Germany; and Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna, among others.

Shoji Kato

Shoji Kato works with diverse mediums including paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations, and situations; at times, he employs sound, music, and moving images as well. This range reflects Kato’s multiscalar and multi-faceted approaches to the theme that he calls the ‘location of subjectivity.’ The artist explores ideas that are neither bounded to physical bodies and places. Moving between abstract and figurative thinking, Kato works with both solid and elusive materials to invite imagination and meditation about the interplay of collective movements and individual moments.

Shoji Kato has exhibited work at Kunsthalle Helsinki, Finland; Kanazu Forest of Creation Museum, Japan; and Beijing International Art Biennale, China, among others.

Past Resident
2021: AES+F

Aslan Goisum

Aslan Goisum tends to mine memory–collective and personal, political and cultural–for clues about colonial realities, how they have been endured and how they might be undone. Identities come into play in his work, as embodied effects of violence perpetrated or unfreedom suffered but also as possible openings, new beginnings. So far, his prime artistic tools have been the moving image, sculptural installation and various paper-based techniques.

Aslan Goisum has exhibited work at Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp; Stedeljik Museum, Amsterdam; and Kohta, Helsinki, among others.