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Past Resident
2011: Artadia

Travis Somerville

Travis Somerville employs painting, sculpture and installation in his practice, which is politically and socially motivated. He works organically in the sense that he usually starts with a central image and lets the piece evolve from there by using found items and ephemera.

Travis Somerville (born 1963) grew up in towns throughout the southern United States and along the eastern seaboard. He briefly studied at Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, finally settling in San Francisco where he attended the San Francisco Art Institute. His large-scale oil paintings and collages present images of political and cultural icons associated with the history of the south. His painting, drawings, sculpture and installations explore the complexities of racism and serve as a point of departure for discussion about US oppression and colonial attitudes abroad. Somerville’s work has been included in numerous museum exhibitions throughout the United States and internationally and has garnered critical praise in publications including Art in America, and San Francisco Magazine.

Past Resident
2011: Anonymous

Stefanos Tsivopoulos

Stefanos Tsivopoulos works primarily with film to articulate the role of collective memory and the subjective interpretation of history. His research into mass media, archival images, and found footage forms the basis for his works that often have poetic and allegoric undertones. Concurrent with the artist’s continued investigation into how collective memory is shaped by mediated reality, runs a fascination with the fine line between reality and its fictional reconstruction, as well as with the boundaries between the authentic and the scripted, the staged and the improvised.

Stefanos Tsivopoulos (born 1973, Prague) graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam in 2002, and received his Masters from Sandberg Institute Amsterdam in 2004. He participated in artist residencies at the Rijksakademie van beeldenden kunst Amsterdam, Platform Garanti Istanbul, and IASPIS Stockholm. Recent solo shows include Amnesialand, Heidelberg Kunstverrein, Germany; The Real The Story The Storyteller Smart Project Space Amsterdam, the Netherlands; and Lost Monument, Art Forum Berlin, Germany. Group shows include Manifesta 8 Murcia, Spain; Witte de With Rotterdam, the Netherlands; BFI Southbank London, UK; ACF New York, USA; Centre Pompidou Paris, France; Friedericianum Kunstverein Kassel, Germany; ev+a Biennial Limerick, Ireland; Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Serbia; 1st Athens Biennial, Athens, Greece; Centre Photographique d’Isle Paris, France; and Sammlung Essl Vienna, Austria.

Past Resident
2011: Foundation for a Civil Society

Astrit Ismaili

Astrit Ismaili’s practice is inspired by the urban landscape and sequences of urban life – human sadness, dreams and hyper-reality. For Ismaili, art is subject and object at the same time. The images of the body that Ismaili experiments with suggest a diffuse intimacy, while tending to dissuade a voyeuristic approach. Unlike most images we are faced with on a daily basis – images that treat the body like a commodity to be used and consumed, or an icon to adore at safe distance – Ismaili employs his body to initiate a dialog with himself. He places his body in familiar settings, though at the limits of our experience, presenting it as a symbol of receptivity, a meeting place between himself and the rest of the world, a communicative model in which information about his experience is presented and reflected upon. The portraits are stage-managed, with clothing, make-up, mise-en-scène and settings carefully conceived, resulting in highly sophisticated pictorial compositions. He uses his own body as a model to investigate his own vision and not the other’s vision of his body. Ismaili projects images and symbols, hopes and fears onto the male body. He uses it like a gesticulative vector not fully known to him, communicating to the viewer the novelty of his encounter.

Astrit Ismaili (born 1991 in Prishtina) is studying Theatre Directing at the Kosovan Art Academy. Recent solo shows include Artist of Tomorrow, The Kosova Art Gallery Prishtina, 2011; New Tear, Asma Sanat Gallery, Istanbul, 2011; Face the Reflection, KC Grad, Belgrade, 2011; Face the Reflection, Tetris, Prishtina, 2011; Right Turn, Turn Right, Traffic Gallery, Prishtina, 2010; Perspektiva 2010, Tetris, Prishtina; and B-Negative, The National Museum of Kosova, Prishtina, 2007.