September 27, 2016, 6:30–8pm

Exhibition Walkthrough and Closing Reception: Measures of Inequity

Join us for a walkthrough and closing reception of the critically acclaimed, and Artforum Critics’ Picks exhibition Richard Ibghy & Marilou Lemmens: Measures of Inequity, with artists Richard Ibghy & Marilou Lemmens and curator Kari Conte.

Measures of Inequity features a series of sculptures that give material form to the abstract diagrams used to map the unequal distribution of wealth. Richard Ibghy & Marilou Lemmens are interested in forms of thought–ways of reasoning, systems of classification and the measurement of socioeconomic status–and how these forms create, adopt and reproduce knowledge. The exhibition includes more than twenty geometric sculptures built from everyday materials including string, wooden sticks and colored plastic; their handwritten titles reflect the data they are based on such as Income Inequality in the United States 1910-2010; Class, Cultural Capital and Social Reproduction and Disparities in Access to Care for Selected Groups. Melding historical information with future speculation, the exhibition breaks down complex data into intuitively readable objects, challenging the way that information is constructed.

Richard Ibghy & Marilou Lemmens’ work has been shown at the 14th Istanbul Biennial SALTWATER: A Theory of Thought Forms, 2015; La Biennale de Montréal, L’avenir (looking forward), 2014; 27th Images Festival, Toronto, 2014; Manif d’art 7: Quebec City Biennial, 2014; La Filature, Scène Nationale, Mulhouse, France, 2013-14.

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Participating Residents

September 21–October 5, 2016

2016 ISCP Benefit Auction

Online Auction Preview: September 14–September 21
Online Auction Hours: September 21, 12pm–October 5, 8:30pm

The International Studio & Curatorial Program is excited to announce the 2016 ISCP Benefit Auction and a new limited edition by Cary Leibowitz. Conducted exclusively online through Paddle8, the auction offers a wide range of affordable contemporary art works by established and mid-career artists. Twenty-six ISCP alumni and international contemporary artists are supporting ISCP by donating all of the auction proceeds. The funds raised will support the program, and pay to bring artists and curators from areas of the world that do not have significant cultural infrastructural funding.

Click here to view the auction.

Participating artists include: Clytie Alexander, Lotte Van den Audenaeren, Itziar Barrio, Ghost of a Dream, Shepard Fairey, Fiona Foley, Theaster Gates, Gabriela Galván, Laura F. Gibellini, Martine Gutierrez, Corin Hewitt, Pablo Jansana, Kirsten Justesen, Anouk Kruithof, Paul Laffoley, Cary Leibowitz, Pepe Mar, Bastian Muhr, Kate Newby, Maria D. Rapicavoli, Ward Shelley, Amie Siegel, Gabriel Specter, Donald Sultan, Tang-Wei Hsu, and Martha Wilson.

Generous donations to the auction have been made by the artists as well as Douglas Walla & Kent Fine Art, Ryan Lee Gallery, Simon Preston Gallery, P.P.O.W. Gallery, and Luhring Augustine Gallery. We also thank Ackerman, Catskill Distilling Company, Lagunitas Brewing Company, and Warsteiner for their sponsorship of this event.

September 20, 2016, 6:30–8pm

Salon: Lýdia Pribišová and Jeff Weber

Lýdia Pribišová will present her most recent curatorial projects. These include Corridor, an exhibition at tranzit in Bratislava that examined social features of architecture, the public art project Bojárt Market by the artist Kateřina Šeda, and the exhibition From Room to Roam – Lucia Nimcová & Martin Kollártwo, which offers an indirect picture of the political situation in the Ukraine. Furthermore, Pribišová will present the works of leading artists from Slovakia including Anna Daučíková, Daniela Krajčová and Oto Hudec, Svätopluk Mikyta, Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkáčová and Anabela Žigová. This project has been supported using public funds provided by Slovak Arts Council.

Jeff Weber’s practice concentrates on developing a personal epistemology. He will speak about the Kunsthalle-Leipzig, a project in the form of a gallery space that he founded in 2014, which functions as an extension of his photographic practice and as a collaborative conceptual framework that includes the active participation of others.

This program is supported, in part, by New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

Participating Residents