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Past Resident
2022: Artis

Yael Frank

Yael Frank is a multi-disciplinary artist working mainly in sculpture and video. Her satiric projects conceptually hack cultural and textual systems, arguing for emotional connections between historical memory and esoteric consumerist goods. Frank employs comedic strategies to expose multiple points of view on the precarious state of ethical concepts. Her work aims to test the seriousness of political ethos by orchestrating situations that are physically beyond language.

Yael Frank has exhibited work at The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel; The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel; and FuturDome, Milano, among others.

Past Resident
2022: International Visegrad Fund

Szilvia Bolla

Szilvia Bolla’s work explores the interaction between humans and artifacts by combining photography, sculpture, and installation. Her practice, which she describes as cryptophotographic, is the result of light-sensitive crystals reacting to chemicals in photographic darkroom experiments. Interested in matter as a lively agent, the artist engages with new materialism and feminist corporeality to evoke survivalist narratives, and analyzes the relationship between the human body and technology.

Szilvia Bolla has exhibited work at Trafó Gallery, Budapest; Victoria & Albert Museum, London; and Stefan Gierowski Foundation, Warsaw, among others.

Past Resident

Dimitra Kondylatou

Dimitra Kondylatou is a video producer, editor, writer, and host interested by the boundaries of art and how it interacts with tourism and daily life. Kondylatou explores gestures, practices, and correspondences through the lens of hospitality and exchange contexts and spaces. Her work merges ideas and crosses boundaries with other disciplines such as anthropology.

Dimitra Kondylatou has exhibited work at the 27th Athens International Film Festival; State of Concept, Athens; and W139, Amsterdam, among others.