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Current Resident: Jul 1, 2021–Dec 31, 2021

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Studio #222


Kim Kielhofner

Kim Kielhofner is interested in examining the historical implications of how humans understand, remember, and place themselves within stories. Working across video, drawing, installation, and text, Kielhofner collects images and material, and opens an imaginary space where the notions of self and place can be re-written.

Kim Kielhofner has exhibited work at Dazibao, Montreal; VOX Contemporary Image CenterMontreal; and Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, among others.

Current Resident: Nov 1, 2021–Dec 31, 2021

International Visegrad Fund

Studio #301


Tamás Páll

In his practice, Tamás Páll’s explores emergent world-systems, non-human technologies, performative spaces and experimental role-playing. Páll is interested in new forms of collective world-building and computational simulation as a prefigurative practice via the concept of “Xenorealit,” the emergent and temporary realities between fiction and primary reality.

Tamás Páll has exhibited work at, Berlin; MeetFactory, Prague; and Victoria and Albert Museum, London, among others.

Current Resident: Oct 1, 2021–Dec 31, 2021

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin

Studio #302


Sam Keogh

Sam Keogh works with collage, drawing, sculpture, performance and installation. He builds intricate environments with idiosyncratic detail in which he hosts live performances. Keogh’s performances interweave research on diverse topics into meandering semi-fictional monologues that make surprising connections between political movements, biological processes, archaeology, housing, science fiction, or pop cultural phenomena.

Sam Keogh has exhibited work at Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art, London; The Centre Pompidou, Paris; and Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale, among others.

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