June 2, 2015

Jorge González: Understory

Artist Jorge González will present several projects including a video, a structure of botanical specimens, and various archival documents. In addition, González will be conversing with local fabricators and artisans, encouraging an open distribution of knowledge−ranging from oral history, ancestral techniques, and collective practices−not only to enliven the gallery space, but also to foster an ongoing learning environment. The subtitle for this event, “understory,” is an ecological term that refers to plant life that grows beneath a forest’s canopy, at the same height where standing conversations might take place.

González is based in Puerto Rico, and this is his first exhibition in New York. His activities at ISCP are a component of Beta-Local’s institutional residency, which began in April. González’s work is rooted in gathering knowledge about land use and artisanal practices. His ongoing activities include the study of botany, archival procedures, oral history, and tropical modernist architecture. Since 2012, he has worked with Beta-Local to forge pedagogical connections with the public university system of Puerto Rico.

May 26, 2015

Discussion: Societies in Movement: Defending the Land and Living Sin Patron

Please note: This talk will be conducted entirely in Spanish.

During this live broadcast from San Juan, and as part of as part of Beta-Local’s residency at ISCP, Marina Sitrin will initiate a discussion by sharing stories from a number of recent horizontal movements from around world, where people look to one another for power and transformation. Through self-organization, these movements not only resist but also create alternative ways of being and living. Examples include struggles to defend the earth in Argentina−such as the recent victory against Monsanto and the mining companies in La Rioja−to the recuperation of workplaces in Latin America and Europe and the creation of alternative forms of health care in Greece. The discussion will be based on Sitrin’s experiences and collaborations with these movements.

Marina Sitrin is an activist, writer, militant and dreamer. She is the author of Horizontalism: Voices of Popular Power in Argentina, Everyday Revolutions: Horizontalism and Autonomy in Argentina and the co-author of They Can’t Represent US: Reinventing Democracy from Greece to Occupy. Her writing and activism focuses on movements that organize, grounded in forms of social organization such as autogestión, horizontalidad, prefigurative politics and affective social relationships.

May 19, 2015

Salon: Silvia Giambrone and Anjana Kothamachu

Silvia Giambrone will present previous performances and installations that link beauty and violence as well as new works she has produced during her residency at ISCP. The common thread connecting all her works is the idea of domestic violence, not as something happening at home but as something that already belongs to culture. Visitors will be invited to Giambrone’s studio.

The primary motivation for Anjana Kothamachu’s work is to reify the emotional, mental and physical state of desire. This is realized through drawing, object-making, moving images and spoken-word narratives. She will present some of her previous work and introduce the project that she has worked on during her residency. Her stories are staged in fabricated worlds extracted from the everyday, venturing beyond veneers of reality and consciousness into the subconscious to access the unspeakable in human experience.

Participating Residents