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2012: Creative Australia

Alex Kershaw

Alex Kershaw uses video to mediate intercultural exchange with people and communities from a specific place. In this process, everyday people become participants and collaborators. Kershaw conceives participation as a productive entity in itself, where both subject and ‘object’ are defined through the doing of artistic praxis. Quotidian rituals used to connect and to acculturate, provide the subject matter for developing the choreography of people’s individual ‘performances’. As a result his stylistic approach shifts between: performative, cinematic, and ‘ethnographic’ genres. In his work the amalgam of fact/fiction and ‘rational’/libidinal is not a substitution of one-for-the-other, but kept in play—involving the production of a different kind of reality that could equally be a variation of realism or a new imaginary.

Alex Kershaw (born Sydney, Australia, 1977), completed a BFA in 2000 and an MFA at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales in 2010. Kershaw has exhibited extensively within Australia at venues including: The Art Gallery of NSW, Artspace, Performance Space, Heide Museum of Modern Art, The National Portrait Gallery, and The Australian Centre for Photography. In 2009 a survey of his recent video work was held at the Beaconsfield Gallery in London. In 2009 his The Phi Ta Khon Projecti, was selected for the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany. Most recently he participated in the show Tokyo Story, as part of the International Creator in Residence Program, at Tokyo Wondersite, Japan.

Abigail DeVille

Through bricolage, painting, and sculpture, Abigail DeVille cobbles together a visual mass that speaks to the material culture of the present moment. She experiments using found and inherited domestic objects in order to make a connection to the universe. W.E.B. Du Bois’ concept of double-consciousness is the conceptual frame DeVille uses to deconstruct two spatial relationships: the claustrophobic space of the urban environment violently clashing with the infinite expanse of the universe. Black holes are an integral metaphor. DeVille warps the time of physical objects. Her objects speak to the physical infinite expanse of universal time and societal ills of the present moment. DeVille’s work is interested in making the visible representation of the invisible.

Abigail DeVille (born 1981, New York City) received her BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2007. She received the Camille Hanks Cosby fellowship to participate in the Skowhegan Residency Program in 2007. DeVille was a participant in the art world’s first reality television show, Artstar, which aired on Gallery HD from June 2006 – January 2009 and culminated with an exhibition at Deitch Projects (NY). She has exhibited at El Museo Del Barrio, Vogt Gallery, project spaces Recess Activities Inc., The Bronx River Art Center and Marginal Utility in Philadelphia, PA. DeVille is a 2011 MFA graduate in painting at The Yale School of Art.

Alejandra Prieto

In her work, Alejandra Prieto experiments with different materials and media — digital photography, sculpture, and video — while focusing mostly on representations of highly fashionable commodity objects, such as designer furniture, shoes, and clothing accessories. Her work interrogates our everyday approach to these kinds of objects by denaturalizing their production, distribution, and consumption and disrupting our everyday relationships with them through the different materials she employs, such as coal and perishable foods. Her work with coal, in particular, makes use of the different meanings of this material in contemporary society. Coal represents hard labor, production, and all the historical processes related to these phenomena. In shaping coal in the form of Nike sneakers or a Hèrmes scarf, for example, the artist makes visible the processes hidden by consumption circuits and the strategies of display related toconsumption spaces.

Alejandra Prieto (born 1980, Santiago, Chile) studied her BFA at PUC University of Chile and MFA at the University of Chile. She has exhibited nationally and internationally in group exhibitions, including MAC USP – Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade de Sâo Paulo; Roebling Hall Gallery, NY; OTR Gallery, Madrid; 7th Mercosur Biennial, Porto Alegre, Brasil; and VI International Biennial SIART, La Paz, Bolivia. She will participate in the 11th Havana Biennale, Cuba, and will have her first solo exhibition in New York at Y Gallery.