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Past Resident
2018: Bradley University

Heather Brammeier

Heather Brammeier is a painter whose practice has expanded to include constructing paintings and drawings in space. Her use of materials creates visual puzzles that challenge perception. Brammeier’s work tests physical and perceptual boundaries through vertiginous stacking, intricate color configurations, and structures that invite interaction.

Heather Brammeier has exhibited work at South Bend Museum of Art, Indiana; Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids; and Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago, among others.

Ana Hoffner

In her art practice, Ana Hoffner analyzes moments of crisis, war and conflict in recent history and politics. Her performances, videos and photo installations seek to introduce temporalities, relations, and spaces in between established perspectives, memories of iconic images, and highly performative events. Hoffner employs means of appropriation such as restaging photographs, interviews and reports, as well as strategies of desynchronization.

Ana Hoffner completed the PhD-in-Practice program at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in 2014. She has exhibited work at Kunsthalle Wien, ViennaSecession, Vienna; and VOX Contemporary Image Center, Montreal, among others.