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Current Resident: Mar 1, 2019–Jun 30, 2019

Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation

Studio #221


Srajana Kaikini

Srajana Kaikini is a writer, researcher and curator. Her doctoral research, Arrangement of Objects. An Ontology of Contemporary Curatorial Practice, engages with an ontological study of contemporary curatorial practice through the philosophy of relations. She was at de Appel Art Centre’s Curatorial Programme in 2012-13, is the recipient of 2013 FICA Research Fellowship and was Curator at KK Hebbar Gallery and Arts Centre (2015-2019).

Srajana Kaikini’s recent projects include Backstage of Biology, 2019, at Archives at the National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, and Vectors of Kinship, 2016, at the 11th Shanghai Biennale.

Current Resident: Jun 1, 2019–Jun 30, 2019

Bradley University, Big Picture Peoria

Studio #301


Heather Brammeier

Heather Brammeier is a sculptor, painter, and installation artist whose work continues the function of childhood play into adulthood. Through innovative use of materials and deceptively simple design, Brammeier creates visual puzzles that invite movement in and around the artwork. The artwork tests physical and perceptual boundaries, mirroring emotional and psychological limits. Vertiginous stacking, attention to surfaces, and the use of light and shadow elicit contemplation of safety and threat, love and loss, and the complexity of emotional experience.

Heather Brammeier has exhibited work at Pen + Brush, New York; South Bend Museum of Art, Indiana; and Swansea College of Art, Wales, among others.

Past Residencies

Current Resident: Mar 1, 2019–Jul 31, 2019

Ministry of Culture, Taiwan

Studio #302


Hsiang Huang

Hsiang Huang is a curator based in Taiwan. She collaborates with local and international artists to develop exhibitions and art education projects.

Hsiang Huang has presented exhibitions at Yu-Hsiu Museum of Art, TaiwanTaipei Artist Village; and Hsinchu City Art Gallery, among others. 

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