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Current Resident: May 1, 2023–Aug 31, 2023

Fire Station - Qatar Museums

Studio #209


Almaha Ashkanani

Almaha Nasser is a multimedia artist working with printmaking, mixed media, and photography. She develops her visual narrative through different media and focuses on symbolizing trees and time to revisit memories.

Almaha Nasser has exhibited work at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar; and al markhiya gallery; all in Qatar, among others.

Current Resident: Apr 1, 2023–Jul 31, 2023

Ministry of Culture, Taiwan

Studio #210


Hung-Yen Chang

In her practice, Hung-Yen Chang explores and reexamines the relationship between artistic development and social context during and post the Cold War era through the writing, archive-collection, and curating, with the goal of rediscovering the momentum and reflections between of historical moments. As an art administrator, Chang is also interested in the generative system and trends of cultural institutions in contemporary urban spaces.

Hung-Yen Chang has curated exhibitions at Tainan Art Museum and Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts, in Taipei, among others.


Current Resident: Apr 1, 2023–Jun 30, 2023

The Kettering Family Foundation

Studio #211


Levon Kafafian

Levon Kafafian is a Detroit-based Armenian-American artist working primarily with textile. Through weaving Kafafian assembles narrative threads of costume, artifact, ritual and installation into stories about possible worlds and potential futures. Their woven fabrics become portals to these other worlds, generating writing that influences future work. They infuse their stories and cloth with future ancestral practice, hybridity and magic, often collaborating toward collective visions.

Levon Kafafian has exhibited work at Stamps Gallery, University of Michigan; Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit; and Arab American National Museum, all in Michigan, among others.

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