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2013: Danish Arts Foundation

Jakob Boeskov

Jakob Boeskov is a Danish-Icelandic artist and filmmaker. His work touches upon many disciplines involving video, drawing and conceptual art. Common subjects are technology, politics and his native Scandinavian region. Boeskov’s best known project is calle ID Sniper, where he infiltrated a Chinese weapons fair with a fake hi-tech weapon.

Jakob Boeskov (born 1973, Elsinore, Denmark) moved to Copenhagen in the early 1990s  where he put out his satirical comic Flax Letter (Nicolai Wallner Entertainments) and the experimental 8mm film Exhaust Tiger. In 1998 he published a comic about Lars Von Trier, after which he abandoned comics entirely, focusing on drawings and more conceptual art projects. His first solo show My Doomsday Weapon, The Thing, New York, 2004 documented the creation of a fictional hi-tech weapon.  He later described these events in the film Empire North (2010), a film that won the Danish Dox Award at the Copenhagen DOX Film Festival. Group exhibitions include Populism, Frankfurter Kunstverein, 2005 and Screening War, ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, 2005In 2010, Boeskov’s work was the subject  of the retrospective exhibition Siggimund at the National Gallery of Denmark. His solo exhibitions include Coup de Théâtre, V1, Copenhagen, 2005, Thule, V1, Copenhagen, 2010 and Weekend Futurology, Mulherin Pollard, New York, 2012Boeskov lives and works in New York City.

Jan Lesák

Jan Lesák studied Fine Art Photography but deviates from this traditional media in an attempt to break the boundaries of established genres and disciplines. Lesák’s present day work is based on post-conceptual principles and is in direct relation with the theory he discusses in his doctoral dissertation. The broad foundations of Lesák’s dissertation lie in his belief that for today’s artists it is next to impossible not to react and draw inspiration from existing works of art, formal structures, ideas and theories. Lesák’s central work The Case for a Rookie is based on a transcript of movie elements into an object, which is represented by a long term and persistent mechanical process that generates the final outcome of the work. Jan Lesák’s theory and practice often deal with sameness, alienation and the crisis of subjectivity.

Jan Lesák (born 1984) lives and works in Prague. In 2010 he graduated from the Department of Fine Art Photography at the Faculty of Art and Design – Jan Evangelista Purkyne University, where he is currently enrolled in the Visual Communication doctoral program. As part of the program, he has been an external lecturer for the master’s program students of the Department of Photography. In 2007, he studied at the Faculty of Communication Design, University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, and in 2009 he interned at Contemporary Art Projects, London. His solo exhibitions include The Case for a Rookie, Fotograf Gallery, Prague, 20011 and Reflection, m.odla gallery, Prague, 2010. Selected group exhibitions include 2012 – Sweetness of death, Small tower, DOX Center for Contemporary Art, Prague, 2012; Magic Circle, Embassy of the Czech Republic, Brussels, 2011; Prague Photo, Exhibition Hall Mánes, Prague, 2010; Making Worlds, Emil Filla Gallery, Ústí nad Labem, 2010 and Photomonth, Shining, Divus Gallery, London, 2008.

Alejandro Botubol

Alejandro Botubol’s work deals with the constant and persistent exploration of space. His images aren’t figural; they’re grounded in symbolism, gravity and time. His paintings are infinite, and pursue the search for truth through the contemplation of life. Botubol embraces the sense of immanence in all objects, creating metaphysical tension with a nuanced sense of mysticism.

Alejandro Botubol (born 1979) studied painting, engraving and design at the University of Fine Arts in Seville. His work has been exhibited in the Taidemuseo, Riihimäki; Museum of Inquisition, Cartagena and The Dr. Rafael Calderón Guardia Museum, San José.