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Tobias Dostal

Tobias Dostal works to rid the film medium of the classic canvas by restaging the movie in a space with sculptural elements – rebuilt 16 mm projectors and projection screens made of wood or paper constructions, for example. Addressing the roots of the film and similar artistic approaches in the past is crucial to his work. After extensive experiments in a variety of media, formats and techniques and dealing with artistic approaches such as the “Expanded Cinema” and structural film and the history of film, he found his visual language through the use of celluloid film.

Tobias Dostal (born 1982 in Bad Hersfeld, Germany) studied drawing, film and skuplture at the Braunschweig Universitity of Arts. His Film installations have been shown in  group exhibitions at the gallery of La Esmeralda, New Mexico; Kunstschaufenster am Hallenbad, Wolfsburg; End in Nation, Kapitelsaal, Bad Hersfeld; Films about being God, Kreuzberg Pavillion, Berlin; Metamorphosen, Allgemeiner Konsumverein, Braunschweig and the Up and Coming Film Festival, Hannover.

Past Resident
2013: Ministry of Culture, Taiwan

Jr-Shin Luo

Jr-shin Luo’s works take a critical view of the inseparable connection with daily life, from extensive daily experiences to the loss and resistance of the body. He specializes in capturing the delicate moments or mistakes and tricks of the eye, then enlarges these conflicts and preposterous moments. Luo uses common, everyday objects and decontextualizes them to produce a different reality. From this alternative reality, the viewers connect to both the traces of the original object and the slight displacement from the origin.

Jr-shin Luo (born 1984, Taiwan) graduated from Taipei National University of Arts in 2010. His recent solo and group shows include From One to All, Ke-yuan Gallery, Taichung, 2012; The Shape of The Pockets, Nan-hai Gallery, Taipei, 2009; Taipei Arts Award, Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei, 2012; New York Travel Program, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, 2012 and New Work Project, Hong-gag Museum, Taipei, 2013. His works have been exhibited in Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, and the United States. Luo lives and works in Taipei.


Past Resident
2013: Artadia

Bernard Williams

Bernard Williams embraces a range of formats for the expression of his interests and concerns. The artist investigates the complexities of American history and culture through painting, sculpture, and installation. Within these broad arenas, the work seeks a kind of open-ended dialogue, addressing identity, flattening hierarchies, and questioning who we are collectively. Risk, adventure, conquest, personal status, privilege, and mechanical development are some of the thematic concepts which are pushed into form.

Bernard Williams (born 1964) is a native of Chicago. He holds a BFA from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and an MFA from Northwestern University. He also studied at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Williams has taught at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has completed numerous residencies around the United States. In 2009, a large temporary outdoor sculpture was mounted at Socrates Sculpture Park in New York. In 2013, Williams designed and installed two large temporary outdoor sculptures at the Laumeier Sculpture Park in St. Louis. A permanent steel sculpture is currently under installation in Chicago.