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Past Resident
2023: Ministry of Culture, Taiwan

Yen-Yi Lee

In her practice, Yen-Yi Lee collaborates with artists, musicians, filmmakers, fashion designers and writers to explore the concepts of failure, risk management and the pursuit of perfectness. She is the founder of the art publication, HAGAI HUAKAI and co-founder of Synergy Festival.

Yen-Yi Lee curated exhibitions at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan; Digital Art Festival, Digital Art Center, Taiwan; and Open Space Bae, South Korea, among others.


Kyoung eun Kang

Kyoung eun Kang’s work focuses on the small, simple everyday gestures and rituals that we tend to see as mundane, but have great significance. She captures subtle human interactions and behaviors to better understand human nature and the bonds between us–bonds that bridge time and space to connect couples, families, communities, strangers, and even the dead. Using an interdisciplinary approach, she explores geographical and cultural identity as well as universal human themes such as affection and attachment.

Kyoung eun Kang has exhibited at A.I.R. gallery, Brooklyn; The Korean Cultural Center, Washington D.C.; and Collar Works, Troy among others.

Past Resident
2023: Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation

Akshay Sethi

Akshay Sethi’s practice takes a mundane approach to exploring the relationship between the personal and the political. He focuses on unnoticed, trivial and repetitive actions of daily life to create works that foster everyday encounters and public spaces.

Akshay Sethi has exhibited work at the 2019 Serendipity Arts Festival; 1Shanthiroad; and India Art Fair, all in India, among others.