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Past Resident
2018: Danish Arts Foundation

Sofie Krogh Christensen

Sofie Krogh Christensen is a curator, writer, and editor. She is interested in the dialogue between artist and curator and political narratives in contemporary art exhibitions today.

Sofie Krogh Christensen (born 1988) received her MA in Cultural Studies from University of Copenhagen. She was the Assistant Curator, 15th Istanbul Biennial, a good neighbor, 2017 and Curatorial Assistant, PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art, Berlin.

Past Resident
2018: Anonymous

Lu Liang

Over the past few years, Lu Liang has been dedicated to creating what he calls “empty scenes” without figures. The scenes he depicts are based on his personal experiences. Liang uses techniques of classical painting to express contemporary concerns.

Lu Liang has exhibited work at Creek Art Center, Beijing and Eslite Gallery, Taipei. His work is in the collection of the National Art Museum of China.

Past Resident
2018: Director's Circle, Artis

David Adika

David Adika’s photographs are a by-product of the reality of his life. His works deal with his personal biography, the collective memory of the society in which he lives, and connects political reality to social reality. Through his work, Adika aims to show the presence of beauty using strategies of seduction.

David Adika has exhibited works at The Open Museum for Photography, Tel-Hai; Tel Aviv Museum of Art; and Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, among others. He was awarded the Jack Naylor Award for Cinematography in a Feature Film in 2011.