Past Residents

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Martha Skou

Martha Skou is an interdisciplinary artist who moves freely between audible and visual worlds. Both analytical and experimental, her work toys with opposites in color, shape and/or sound. She has created personal universes surrounding her work both in her collaborations and solo projects. Her language is abstract and atmospheric, with compositions in spatial formats as well as two-dimensional media.

Martha Skou has exhibited her work at the Museum of Arts and Design, New York; Telfair Museums, Savannah; and Pioneer Works, New York, among others.

Marta Fišerová Cwiklinski

Marta Fišerová Cwiklinski thinks about her works as critiques—critiques of society, societal phenomena, and art practice itself. Thinking processes and research are key parts of her practice.

Marta Fišerová Cwiklinski has exhibited work at OFF/FORMAT, Brno, Czech Republic; Cursor Gallery, Foundation and Centre for Contemporary Arts, Prague; and Ateliers Pro Arts Art CenterBudapest, among others. 

Benjamin Hirte

Benjamin Hirte uses a combination of objects and text within his works to examine themes of semiotics, slang, and metaphor within cultural histories.

Benjamin Hirte has exhibited work at Museum für moderne Kunst, Frankfurt; Museo Canonica, Villa Borghese, Rome; and Leopold Museum, Vienna, among others.