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Sukaina Kubba

Sukaina Kubba is a multidisciplinary and material-based artist whose work is strongly rooted in material and cultural research, story-telling, and drawing connections. Kubba works with industrial and packaging materials as signifiers and concrete indices, and explores traveling objects, textiles and vehicles as carriers of cross-cultural histories. She depicts rugs as peripatetic architectural components rolled and unfurled by nomads and migrants and put over sand, rocks, floors, and walls to denote a re-location.

Sukaina Kubba has exhibited work at The Next Contemporary, Toronto; Aga Khan Museum, Toronto; and Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, among others.

Past Resident
2023: Artis

Vanina Saracino

Vanina Saracino (she/they) is an independent curator, film programmer, writer, and lecturer. Her work focuses on theories and art practices that question anthropocentric and binary worldviews from an intersectional perspective, with an emphasis on lens-based and time-based art. Since 2021, Saracino has taught at the Institute of Time-based Art – IZM, Universität der Künste, and the MFA Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

Vanina Saracino has curated exhibitions at Screen City Biennial, in Berlin and Oslo; and the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia, among others.

Past Resident
2023: Ministry of Culture, Taiwan

Hung-Yen Chang

In her practice, Hung-Yen Chang explores and reexamines the relationship between artistic development and social context during and post the Cold War era through the writing, archive-collection, and curating, with the goal of rediscovering the momentum and reflections between of historical moments. As an art administrator, Chang is also interested in the generative system and trends of cultural institutions in contemporary urban spaces.

Hung-Yen Chang has curated exhibitions at Tainan Art Museum and Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts, in Taipei, among others.