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Current Resident: Sep 1, 2017–Nov 30, 2017

Rubicon Gallery

Studio #201


Lucy McKenna

Lucy McKenna’s work is concerned with information systems that attempt to explain the universe and our place in it. She has a multidisciplinary practice that includes drawing, photography, film and installation.Through her projects she traces different forms of data extraction, collection and communication developed by humans. This can include methods of scientific experiment, invention of technology, intuitive belief, or myth. In her work, McKenna seeks to unfold the information hidden in those spaces where the analytic and the intuitive concur.

Lucy McKenna has had several international solo and group exhibitions, including at The Lab Gallery, Dublin; gallerywest, Toronto; and VISUAL, Carlow. She had participated in residency programs at Vermont Studio Center, Toronto Artscape, and NES, Iceland.

Current Resident: Jul 1, 2017–Dec 31, 2017

James Wallace Arts Trust

Studio #204


André Hemer

André Hemer’s practice pursues a new mode of representation in painting, whereby image and form are transacted back and forth between materialised and de-materialised states. In doing so, Hemer’s paintings literally re-present the contemporary experience of digital media through the traditional painting object, revealing the most basic changes to our phenomenological experience of the contemporary world.

André Hemer’s work has been exhibited at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles; Yavuz Gallery, Singapore; Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London; Tristian Koenig Gallery, Melbourne; Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul; and Münchner Stadtmuseum, Germany. In 2016 he was awarded a New Generation Award by the Arts Foundation of New Zealand, and was the winner of the Wallace Arts Trust Paramount Award. He has been included in major publications such as 100 Painters of Tomorrow, Thames & Hudson, London, and Art and the Internet, Black Dog Publishing, London. In 2016 Hemer was invited to edit the publication Painting Regarding the Present, published by Naives and Visionaries, Berlin. He is based in Vienna, Austria.

Current Resident: Sep 1, 2017–Feb 28, 2018

Senate Department for Culture and Europe

Studio #205


Antonia Low

Antonia Low’s installations, sculptures and photographs are inspired by infrastructures that underline everyday life, such as work spaces, storage rooms, construction sites and archaeological excavations. When she exposes a room’s wiring or presents medieval walls on semi-transparent fabric, she is only rarely concerned with a critique of that specific site. Instead, her interest is in a spatial reconstruction of how the recollections and after images of spaces become fixed in one’s mind and superimposed on an actual space.

Antonia Low has had exhibitions at K21 Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Duesseldorf; Museo Nationale Romano, EIGEN + ART Lab, Berlin. She is the recipient of the three monthly study visit at Casa Baldi from German Academy Rome and the Bonner Kunstpreis, 2013.

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