October 9, 2012

Salon: Tomaz Furlan and Olson Lamaj

Tomaz Furlan will discuss his WEAR video project, including a video performance that depicts one day in the life of a typical worker. The video shows the worker’s reality in both a funny and cynical way.

Olson Lamaj uses photography, video, painting, and installation to capture and address the absurdities, ironies, and contradictions that characterize the fast-paced change of contemporary urban
Albania. He will discuss his video project photo eater and two of his photo collections, Details
and On the Street.

Participating Residents

October 2, 2012

Brooklyn Commons: Martha Rosler and Michael Arcega

Brooklyn Commons, a new discussion series beginning this fall at ISCP, presents intellectual and artistic pairings between the established Brooklyn-based artist community and ISCP residents. This series puts artists in conversation who have not shared a dialogue in the past and focuses on the vibrant and diverse cultural practitioners living and working in Brooklyn, both long-term and short-term.

Martha Rosler and Michael Arcega will discuss the role of commerce, performance, exchange of ideas, and narrative. Rosler’s work has dealt with issues of class, gender, culture, and politics in everyday life through photographic images, video, performance, and critical writing. In November, Rosler will present Meta-Monumental  Garage Sale at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), which showcases a massive, crowd-sourced garage sale where the artist will be present to negotiate prices.

Arcega’s recent project, Montalvo Historical Fabrication & Souvenirs – produced in collaboration with Stephanie Syjuco, utilized a souvenir shop to re-examine issues of commerce, empire, and the repackaging of historical narrative. Arcega is interested in how objects can be metaphors for national identities and how one can investigate socio-political circumstances where power relations are unbalanced from the perspective of a naturalized American.

Martha Rosler has for many years produced works on war and the “national security climate.” Her photomontage series House Beautiful: Bringing the War Home, originally made as a response to the Vietnam War, was reinstituted in 2004 and again in 2008. Rosler has had numerous solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions nationally and internationally. In November, MoMA will present her performance and installation Meta-Monumental Garage Sale, an event she has held in many art venues.

Michael Arcega is an interdisciplinary artist based in San Francisco. He works primarily in sculpture and installation. Arcega holds a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and an MFA from Stanford University. His work has been exhibited at the deYoung Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego, the Orange County Museum of Art, The Contemporary Museum in Honolulu, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. He was recently awarded a 2012 Guggenheim Fellowship in Fine Arts.

Brooklyn Commons is organized by Kari Conte, ISCP Director of Programs and Exhibitions.


September 25, 2012

Salon: Ambie Abaño and Claudia Passeri

Ambie Abano’s fascination with the face as the portal of one’s observed reality and identity is the core of her on-going investigation of portraiture. She will discuss her exploration with process and material as a printmaker taking her exhibition Trans FIGURATION, as a starting point to present other works derived from and inspired by the idea of printmaking.

Claudia Passeri creates site-specific interventions and contextual pieces that explore human perception in relation to place. Her research has a neo-romantic aspect that seeks – frequently via the use of irony – to reveal the mechanisms that activate the human creative process, which transform how we view the world. She will speak about her recent work, a research-based project around the notion of contemplation and our relationship to landscape.