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Yuki Higashino

Yuki Higashino explores a variety of topics through his work, including the influence of digital technology on our visual culture, immigrant identity, and the conflict between language and picture. Higashino combines several aesthetic standards, such as those of photography, calligraphy, and film, to create his own distinctive pictorial lexicon.

Yuki Higashino has exhibited work at Mumok, Vienna; Last Tango, Zurich; Contemporary Art Factory, Kyoto; Galerie Kunstbuero, Vienna; and The Brno House of Arts, among others.

Maria Gabler

María Gabler creates site-specific installations that criticize the places into which they intervene, based on the observation of constructive and architectural characteristics of each individual location, as well as their historical and cultural context. Through her works she interrupts the inner codes and structures that determine the way we relate with spaces. The materials and techniques used by her are generally linked to the field of construction: lumber, OSB, iron, and expanded polystyrene, among others.

María Gabler has exhibited at Galería Gabriela Mistral; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo; and Sala de Arte CCU, all Santiago, Chile, among others.

Past Resident
2022: Ministry of Culture, Taiwan

Alice Nien-Pu Ko

Alice, Nien-Pu Ko is a curator and writer. Her curated and co-curated works include Tony Oursler: Black Box (2021), SUNSHOWER: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia 1980s to Now (2019), Tomb of the Soul, Temple, Machine and Self (2018), Flags, Transnational–Migrants and Outlaw Territories (2016), Reverse Niche–Dialogue and Rebuilding at the City’s Edge (2013).

Alice, Nien-Pu Ko has presented exhibitions at Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung; Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo; and Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, Hong Kong, among others.