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Current Resident: Sep 1, 2023–Nov 30, 2023

Vision Fund

Studio #216


Alicia Grullón

Alicia Grullón is a Bronx-based artist and organizer. Grullon’s social practice work extends to exploring how people relate to land in order to rally a transformation of our living by using performance and self-portraiture as a critique on the politics of presence, an argument for the inclusion of underinvested communities in political and social spheres. She is a Moore College of Art and Design Walentas Fellow for 2020-2022, and teaches at Queens College.

Alicia Grullón has exhibited work at Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University; Bronx Museum of the Arts; and BRIC Arts Media House, all in New York, among others.

Current Resident: Sep 1, 2023–Dec 31, 2023

Edward Steichen Award Luxembourg

Studio #217


Nika Schmitt

Nika Schmitt’s kinetic sculptures and installations are distinguished by a unique combination of sound, electronics, and mechanics. Her work examines complex physical processes in a simple and straightforward manner. The compositions, which are mostly site-specific, investigate the principles of energy, material, and time, reflecting on the interrelationships and impacts that each of these elements elicit in cycles of repetition (rhythm), deterioration, and transformation.

Nika Schmitt has exhibited work at Singuhr, Berlin; Ikob, Belgium; and Philharmonie Luxembourg, among others.

Current Resident: Feb 1, 2023–Jan 31, 2024

Mondriaan Fund

Studio #219


Coralie Vogelaar

Coralie Vogelaar is a multidisciplinary artist who combines social science with her artistic practice. By viewing the human body from a machine-cognitive perspective, Vogelaar explores the relationship between humans and technology. She creates performances and multimedia installations in collaboration with experts from various disciplines such as data analysis, choreography, and sound design.

Coralie Vogelaar has exhibited work at Stedelijk Museum, The Netherlands; HeK (House of electronic Arts), Switzerland; and Photographers’ Gallery London, England, among others.

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