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Soda_Jerk is a 2-person art collective that works with sampled material to construct rogue historiographies. Taking the form of video installations, lecture performances and cut-up texts, their archival image practice is situated at the interzone of errant pedagogy, documentary and speculative fiction. Projects currently in development include two new dual-projection lecture performances. The first, Terror Nullius, excavates the true horror at the heart of Australian film mythologies, while Netsploits rewires a matrix of samples from cyber films and web sources to construct a counter-history of internet antiheroes.

Formed in Sydney in 2002, Soda_Jerk moved to Berlin in 2010 to participate in the International Studio Program at Künstlerhaus Bethanien. More recently they have been based in the US, undertaking residencies at Flux Factory in New York, and LoBot in West Oakland. They are currently based in New York where they are also participating in the 2014 Art & Law Program at Fordham Law School. They have exhibited at institutions such as the Museum of the Moving Image, New York; Studio Museum Harlem; Grimmuseum, Berlin; Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and microcinemas such as Spectacle, Union Docs, Anthology Film Archives and Other Cinema. Their work has screened internationally in experimental film programs and festivals including New Forms, Vancouver; Abandon Normal Devices, Liverpool and the 10th Anniversary of the Pirate Bay, Stockholm.

Raimundo Edwards

Raimundo Edwards’ most recent work has to do with the displacement and twisting of pictorial language, through the material and conceptual relationships that develop in the combination of different states of representation: from painting to photography, video and object. In general terms, the main focus of his work lies in the relationship between nature and culture, the coming together of organic elements with elements belonging to the industrial world, placed in combination in a specific architectural space. Thus, color and form become parts of a fragmented assemblage, in which different visual, material and symbolic relationships take place.

Raimundo Edwards (born 1979 in Santiago) holds a BFA from Finis Terrae University and an MA in Visual Arts from the University of Chile. He received the International Association of Art Critics award in 2009 and second prize in the Museo de Artes Visuales, Santiago, Cabeza de Raton competition in 2011. His solo exhibitions include: Retorno, Museo de Artes Visuales, Santiago, 2013; Colisin, Oficina Barroca, Santiago, 2012; Sintaxis, AIEP Sala de Arte, Santiago, 2012 and Cromo (CR), Galeri­a Centro, Talca, 2010. He has participated in a number of group shows both in Chile and abroad including: Arquelogias a Destiempo, Galeria Gabriela Mistral (curated by Rodrigo Alonso), Santiago, 2012; Naturata, Galeria Florencia Loewenthal, Santiago, 2010; USVtv videoicomiso, Museum of the City of Queretaro. Mexico, 2010; Artilugio Chilensis, Sala La Perrera, Valencia, 2009; and art actions at three museums in France: Louvre, D’ Orsay and Centre Pompidou, 2009.

Past Resident
2014: Meg-Multiforms, The Gallery Apart

Alice Schivardi

Alice Schivardi is interested in collecting stories and establishing human relationships, leading her toward a pursuit of the other as well as of the self.  She focuses both on the natural and human condition, using technological and manual language. Schivardi’s work explores social phenomena and their logic, with a methodology that treasures the intimate exchange of micro-experiences. The threads of her “embroidery drawings” become a link between the artist and the stories, the artistic process and the finished artwork. Alice Schivardi lives and works in Rome.