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Current Resident: Aug 1, 2023–Sep 30, 2023

Arts Council of Ireland

Studio #306


Celina Muldoon

Celina Muldoon is a multidisciplinary artist that uses live performance, film, and installation to investigate identity and the relationships between sociopolitical structures and the body. Muldoon explores live performance methodologies in response to site and content through collaborative processes and uses satire and humor to create uncertainty in her live performances, which often rely on audience engagement and interaction.

Celina Muldoon has exhibited work at The Dock; R.H.A. Gallery; and Live Collision, Project Arts Center, all in Ireland, among others.

Tali Keren

Tali Keren is a multidisciplinary artist and educator born in Jerusalem and based in Brooklyn. Her performances, videos, and installations center on the formation of political ideology, historical mythologies, and the ongoing legacies of settler colonialism. Through poetic interventions into archival sources, legislative documents, and the creation of immersive documentary installations, Keren seeks to unsettle foundational national myths. Her practice is grounded in collaboration, cross-disciplinary dialogue, and experimental pedagogy as a way to forge new forms of collectivity and political imaginaries.

Tali Keren has exhibited at Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Detroit; Queens Museum and Eyebeam, both New York City, among others.

Oriane Stender

Oriane Stender’s current work is a hybrid of painting and weaving. She builds structure and surface concurrently, line by line and weft by weft, as a grounding practice. She creates objects that are read and experienced through multiple layers and differing contexts, depending on the viewer’s perspective.

Oriane Stender has exhibited work at Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco; Temporary Art Manto, Mantua, Italy; and Lehman College Art Gallery, New York among others.

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