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Rodrigo Ímaz

Rodrigo Ímaz imbues his graphic work with strategies that are site-specific in order to investigate the blurry limits between time and space. Through poetical analogies of nature and anthropogenic events his work emphasizes the inadequacies of instrumental reason and criticizes contemporary societies through an exploration of the violent relationship between life and the cycles of nature. In Ímaz’s work, organic forms arise threatening arrogant human pride and the course of progress, while his visual poetry ennobles human creations.

Past Resident
2010: Galerie AbtArt

Tatjana Busch

The contradiction between planning and intuition, structure and deconstruction, even and curved surface, accurately applied color and decomposition accounts for the tension and fascination in the works of Tatjana Busch. Repeatedly, she breaks with her originally strictly reduced pictorial language in the course of the creation of her objects. She begins with stern graphic and geometrical shapes like the circle, the rectangle and the triangle. Then she bursts open these forms via alteration of the surface in the third dimension from which arise completely different, manifold shapes for the eye of the spectator, dependent on his perspective in the approach of the respective art work. Busch is represented by Gallery Brigitte Henninger, Seefeld; and Gallery Pop Art Pirat, Hamburg; Gallery Abtart, Stuttgart.

Past Resident
2010: Anonymous

Alberto Borea

Borea’s work is characterized by the continuous displacement and use of diverse media and materials. The openness toward these media define Borea’s approach, where the object’s time and history are of fundamental importance within the plastic discourse. His work explores the relationship between different cultures and histories. The role of distance in cultural, economic and social events constitute an important part in the process and execution of his works. Borea has exhibited individually and collectively in several venues in Europe, Latin America and the U.S.

Alberto Borea was part of There Is No Flag Large Enough, a collaborative project with Stefano Cagol and Maryam Najd.