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Current Resident: Jan 1, 2022–Jun 30, 2022

Canada Council for the Arts

Studio #301


Joani Tremblay

Joani Tremblay investigates the perception of place through the relationship between landscape and its simulations and reproductions. Instead of painting from traditional observed landscapes, the artist assembles constructed ideas of a place from a variety of sources including advertisements, postcards, Instagram architecture influencers, social media, mass communications, and field researches. Tremblay assembles these images into digital collages to test hundreds of possibilities before applying paint.

Joani Tremblay has exhibited work at Harper’s Gallery, New York; Marie-Laure Fleisch Gallery, Brussels; and The Pit, Los Angeles, among others.

Current Resident: Mar 1, 2022–Jul 31, 2022

Ministry of Culture, Taiwan

Studio #302


Ying Chiun Lee

Ying Chiun Lee is a glass and film artist whose process-driven work investigates human sexuality. Her practice focuses on the subtle details and movements of glass during its making. By utilizing these observations, she creates glass sculptures, installations, performances, and videos that speak on the fantasy of intimacy.

Ying Chiun Lee has exhibited work at GMTF Film Festival, Lybster; City Art Space and Joy Gallery, both Rochester, among others.

Current Resident: Apr 1, 2022–Jul 31, 2022

Beca Arte, CCU - Corporación Cultural La Araucana

Studio #303


Maria Gabler

María Gabler creates site-specific installations that criticize the places into which they intervene, based on the observation of constructive and architectural characteristics of each individual location, as well as their historical and cultural context. Through her works she interrupts the inner codes and structures that determine the way we relate with spaces. The materials and techniques used by her are generally linked to the field of construction: lumber, OSB, iron, and expanded polystyrene, among others.

María Gabler has exhibited at Galería Gabriela Mistral; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo; and Sala de Arte CCU, all Santiago, Chile, among others.

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