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Past Resident
2015: Danish Arts Foundation

Erik Steffensen

Erik Steffensen’s photographs use subtle tones in grey, black and white and monocolors to evoke the remembrance of images from the art history, referencing paintings, poetry and fine art photography. Steffensen produces spare and unpopulated images that conjure an open mind.

Erik Steffensen (born in Valby, Copenhagen) studied the Philosophy and Art History at the University of Copenhagen and the Danish Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen. He lives and works in Copenhagen.

Past Resident
2015: The Isabel Aninat Gallery

Adolfo Bimer

 Adolfo Bimer’s practice, through paintings and their displacements, focuses on a material and metaphorical innerness of the human body. His recent work is based on research about direct interactions from both the traditional and industrial world, not only of painting but from the medical and the construction fields as well. Bimer’s body of work questions health and disease; the body’s movement, fluids, organs and textures. He looks at the development of medical technology imaging systems such as x-rays, microscopy and anatomical drawing, as ways to understand a body that we otherwise would not be able to see.

Adolfo Bimer (born in 1985 Santiago, Chile) currently lives and works in Santiago, Chile. His solo exhibitions include Témpanos de Fe, Nueveochenta Contemporary Art, Bogotá, 2013; Las Inseguridades, Patricia Ready Gallery, Santiago, 2013; Tactismo, Revolver, Lima, 2012; and X, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, 2011. He was included in Younger than Jesus: Artist Directory, Phaidon, 2008. Bimer also participates in the Chile-based art collective Sagrada Mercancía.

Past Resident
2015: Foundation for a Civil Society

Doruntina Kastrati

Doruntina Kastrati’s work addresses the topics of turbo-urbanism and destroyed cities. Through her work she recreates the atmosphere of neighborhoods and cities once inhabited.

Doruntina Kastrati studied at the Graphic Design at the Faculty of Arts, Prishtina. Kastrati’s work has been included in group exhibitions at the Hammam Museum, 2010; Prevalle, 2010; and on Nena Tereza  Boulevard, Prishtina, 2014.