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Liisa Lounila

Transitions between different forms of expression are an integral part of Liisa Lounila’s work. By using everyday objects and traces of popular culture, Lounila’s works communicate life’s small, forgotten details of fleeting moments and flashes of memories. Using drawing, video, light and sculpture, she presents her works as complete entities installed in the exhibition space. Like a flicker of light they manifest the immaterial – something that has once been active in its full intensity, but has since vanished. Lounila says: “My work is concerned with the problems of social relationships, longing, great expectations and their sometimes tragicomic aspects. I’m fascinated by ‘bigger than life’ emotions, rebelliousness, emptiness, subliminal experiences and the anxiety that results from not being able to achieve them.”

Liisa Lounila (born 1976, Helsinki, Finland) lives and works in Helsinki. She received her education in the Department of Time and Space at the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, including at the 8th Istanbul Biennale; Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt; MAXXI, Rome; and Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki. She represented Finland at the 50th Venice Biennale.

Christoph Weber

Christoph Weber was born in Vienna, Austria in 1974 and received a MFA and PhD in Fine Arts at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig, Germany. Current exhibitions include Psychosculptures, Vleeshal, Middelburg, The Netherlands; loose concrete, a solo exhibition at Galerie naechst St. Stephan, Vienna, Austria.

Aneta Szylak

Aneta Szylak is a curator, writer, and the co-founder and current Director of Wyspa Institute of Art. Since 2010, Szylak has been Artistic Director of Alternativa, a series of exhibitions accompanied by numerous additional events, which seeks new directions for art and its social role. After co-founding and running the Laznia (Bathhouse) Centre for Contemporary Art (1998-2001), she continued her career as an independent curator and researcher. Since 2004, Szylak has been responsible for programming Wyspa—the intellectual environment for contemporary visual culture—in the Gdansk Shipyard.