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Current Resident: Jan 1, 2022–Feb 28, 2022

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Darian Longmire

Darian Longmire remixes images from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA) and re-invents them into new color ways. He explores painting, drawing, printmaking and mixed media, from an abstract point-of-view. He uses physics and space travel are used as a cite for abstraction and political commentary. 

Darian Longmire has exhibited work at Opalka Gallery; Albany Center Gallery; and State University of New York at Albany all Albany, New York, among others.

Studio #109


Oriane Stender

Starting with items of personal or cultural relevance — books, photographs, currency — Oriane Stender combines, adds, subtracts, and transforms through writing, drawing, cutting, and stitching, in order to create objects that can be read and experienced through multiple layers and levels.

Oriane Stender has exhibited work at Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco; Temporary Art Manto, Mantua, Italy; and Lehman College Art Gallery, New York among others.

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