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Past Resident
2014: Creative Australia

nova Milne

Nova Milne create moments of connection or disruption, often taking the form of encounters across the breach of time. These sometimes reveal invisible or poetic connections between minor-historical events, and shared fictional or popular references. Through their increasingly expanded video installations, they unleash the occult potential of recombining anachronistic elements, forging a magical sympathy between documentary or amature sources and fabricated material. Their process invents a de-centered point of view and the question of inter-subjectivity forms an ongoing curiosity, alongside considerations of time, mysticism, longing, and empathy.

Nova Milne is a relationship that began when the two artists met as teenagers in 1998, and started exhibiting in 2003. They are recent alumni of the Residency Program at the Bemis Center, Omaha and have undertaken several residencies, including at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, and Artspace, Sydney. Their solo exhibitions include the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia; The Physics Room, New Zealand; and Artspace, Australia. Other exhibitions include venues such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia; The Kadist Art Foundation, Paris; The Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania; The Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne; 104 and The Musee Rodin, Paris.

Past Resident
2014: Davidoff Art Initiative

Polibio Díaz

Polibio Díaz‘s work is about the migratory flux, especially to and from the Dominican Republic. Using photography, performance and video art Díaz tackles race discrimination, ecological awareness and social inequity in his home county and elsewhere. Díaz focuses on the multiplicity of Dominican identities. “My work is dedicated to my fellow Dominicans. We need to accept the fact that we are a complex mixture of various civilizations, with different skin tones, evident in our colors and in our ever changing culture, without neglecting our sensuality and humor.”

Polibio Díaz is from the Dominican Republic where he currently lives. He studied photography at Texas A&M University where he earned a degree in civil engineering. Díaz has participated in the Havana, Venice and Caribbean Biennales; Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art, Brooklyn Museum; First Cultural Festival Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP), Santo Domingo Museum of Modern Art; and Kréyol Factory, Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris. Díaz has received numerous awards including Casa de las Américas Prize, Cuba and Caribbean Biennales. He has collaborated with World Policy Journal, MIT Press and his photographs are in UNESCO’s permanent collection.

Past Resident
2014: Ministry of Culture, Taiwan

Chun-Yi Chang

Chun-Yi Chang’s work focuses on the presentation of light reality within digital images. In recent years, her works have emphasized the exploration of imagination and experience. She accomplishes coexistence of the eternal and the ever-changing by alternating motion and motionless scenes, and reorganizes the different facets of a single phenomenon into plausible events which are aberrations of normality. She uses the “floating light” and “glimpse” of digital images to remodel a sense of light reality that wavers between reality and virtual reality.

Born in Taipei, and based in Paris, Chun-Yi Chang received an MA from the Rouen College of the Arts and her PhD the University of Paris Sorbonne. In 2009, she was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture for a residency at 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica. She was also awarded the Gerda Henkel Stiftung scholarship in 2013. Chang’s participation in exhibitions include the 5th and 11th White Night (la Nuit Blanche) and 6th Young Artists Biennale, Paris, and French-Chinese Young Artists, Today Art Museum, Peking.