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Current Resident: Jul 1, 2021–Dec 31, 2021

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Studio #222


Kim Kielhofner

Kim Kielhofner is interested in examining the historical implications of how we understand stories, how we remember, and how we place ourselves within them. Working across video, drawing, installation, and text, she builds her work from a process of collecting images and material, and opens an imaginary space where the notions of self and place can be re-written.

Kim Kielhofner has exhibited work at Dazibao, Montreal; VOX Contemporary Image CenterMontreal; and Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, among others.

Current Resident: Sep 1, 2021–Oct 31, 2021


Studio #301


Ιris Touliatou

Ιris Touliatou (born 1981, Athens, Greece) engages in a conceptual practice, which transposes the political, environmental and affective, and employs various mediums necessary for each intervention. Manifesting in sculpture, photography, sound, scent and text, her work often draws on found objects and creates open forms and shared experiences, to comment on time, intimacy, transience, mortality, economies and states of being.
Ιris Touliatou has exhibited work at The 7th Athens Biennale, Greece; DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art, Greece; and Palais de Tokyo, France, among others.

Current Resident: Aug 1, 2021–Sep 30, 2021

The J.F. Costopoulos Foundation

Studio #302


Stefania Strouza

Stefania Strouza’s practice explores how cultural narratives of diverse epochs connect to produce new identity projects. It examines the spatial mobility of such narratives, the exchange of forms and symbols across large distances, and the cross-cultural syncretisms that emerge from it. The artist materializes these ideas through sculptural works and installations that draw associations between the symbolic world of objects and notions of temporality, geography and the body.

Stefania Strouza has exhibited work at The 3rd Industrial Art Biennial, Croatia; NEON, Greece; and Neue Galerie Innsbruck, Austria, among others.

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