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Susanne Thiemann

Susanne Thiemann “cocoons” are alive. The artist and basket weaver from Munich turns frayed material into images; she interweaves chairs like intimate beings and weaves rubbery pillows that are so crumpled that they appear to be amorphous beings. Textile techniques have long since achieved independence in art as subtle yet strong forms of expression that play ironically and critically with feminine connotations. In her work, Susanne Thiemann brings the perfection of traditional crafts to the radical freedom of purpose of art. The sculptures of Susanne Thiemann are composed of thin monochrome plastic hoses, colored electric wires and thick strips of shredded car tires. She selects pieces of lost property and remaining stocks of mass-produced, hardly decomposing products; the materials that trigger many connotations because they belong to our everyday life and use.

Susanne Thiemann, born 1955, passed the Master Craftsman Examination of Basketry in 1986. While attending the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts Salzburg, Austria she studied contemporary sculpture with New York-based artists Nancy Davidson and Frida Baranek. Her work has been exhibited internationally.

Past Resident
2010: Universidad Finis Terrae

Pablo Jansana

Pablo Jansana is interested in high and low culture. In his work, he uses materials themselves as generators of meaning by approaching editorial and graphic production as a process. Jansana strives to create work that is highly charged and simultaneously empty.

Pablo Jansana (born Santiago, Chile, 1976) currently lives and works in Brooklyn. Jansana received his BFA from Finis Terrae University in Chile. Solo exhibitions include: I with out Klennex, ArtEspacio, Chile, 2014; Highlighted Artist, Arco Fair, Madrid, 2013; Fall and Fold, The Goma, Madrid, 2012; Untitled, Okk Raum/29, Berlin, 2012; 20 Minutes of Weight, The Goma, Madrid, 2011. Group exhibitions include Eleven Rivington: Pablo Jansana, Evan Nesbit, Letha Wilson, Eleven Rivington, New York, 2014 and La Bienal 2013, El Museo del Barrio, New York, 2013.

Liisa Lounila

Transitions between different forms of expression are an integral part of Liisa Lounila’s work. By using everyday objects and traces of popular culture, Lounila’s works communicate life’s small, forgotten details of fleeting moments and flashes of memories. Using drawing, video, light and sculpture, she presents her works as complete entities installed in the exhibition space. Like a flicker of light they manifest the immaterial – something that has once been active in its full intensity, but has since vanished. Lounila says: “My work is concerned with the problems of social relationships, longing, great expectations and their sometimes tragicomic aspects. I’m fascinated by ‘bigger than life’ emotions, rebelliousness, emptiness, subliminal experiences and the anxiety that results from not being able to achieve them.”

Liisa Lounila (born 1976, Helsinki, Finland) lives and works in Helsinki. She received her education in the Department of Time and Space at the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, including at the 8th Istanbul Biennale; Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt; MAXXI, Rome; and Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki. She represented Finland at the 50th Venice Biennale.